It is one thing to have a lofty idea of doing something amazing…it’s another thing to plan and think and dream about it.  It is yet quite another thing when you publicly declare your plans for all to hear.  Something about that act makes it far more real.  I felt this way when I posted THIS two months ago.   It was a wild idea – some said it was crazy and it kind of was crazy – but it was also amazing!  The first tentative steps of the journey were nerve-wracking.  Would I be able to shop, could I walk on tough terrain, would people avoid me or talk to me?  Yet there is a great freedom in committing to something and seeing through it’s natural end.  Walking a month barefoot to raise funds and awareness for THE SHOE THAT GROWS was such a great and humbling experience.  I was floored by the immense generosity of our church, our city, strangers, family and folks across the nation.  All told we raised about $3,500 to purchase THE SHOE THAT GROWS!  That means about 233 kids will receive shoes!

Now comes the next part – we raised the money to buy the shoes, not so that we could send them in a box to a place and people we won’t ever meet; no!  We are going and taking the shoes with us as we go.  July 7-18, 2016 a group of Nazarenes from across Alaska will join together on an airplane and fly across the globe to Nicaragua.  There we will meet, laugh, pray, and hang out kids and their families…and as we do so we have the joy of fitting THE SHOE THAT GROWS on their feet!

In short: This guy is headed to Nicaragua next year.  There is a lot to do between now and then but I am excited to continue this journey and hope that you stick around to hear about it along the way.

I’ll post here with significant updates leading up to the trip – as well as during the trip (if I have access to the internet).  You can subscribe to this blog below and have updates emailed to you!

I will also chronicle the journey via my Instagram account – just as I did my barefoot journey.  Be sure to follow @AKBAREFOOTPASTOR through the preparations and ultimately to see the faces and feet of the kids in July!